Kaufman's Art of Drumming
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Robert Kaufman
Professor of Percussion
Berklee College of Music


The Art of Drumming includes exercises written specifically to expand the musician’s sense of phrasing over the barline and to develop self-confidence in a deeper sense of time, while enhancing a sense of melodic and polyrhythmic phrasing. The exercises are designed to expand the musician’s self-understanding and to introduce a system for developing a more efficient use of energy while aiding in the removal of all unnecessary tension. In addition the book includes six solo transcriptions by some of the most influential drummers in the history of jazz drumming.

"This is certainly the most comprehensive book on drumming I have ever seen. If I were younger and studying, this book would be like a Bible to me." 
Elvin Jones
"The Art of Drumming by Robert Kaufman, is a fine teaching tool that gives the drummer practical, technical, emotional, and philosophical concepts to enhance the player's creative potential to develop a healthier attitude toward the learning process."
                    Jack De Johnette
"The secret to acquiring dexterity, flexibility, and speed is here. Anyone can learn. Unfortunately not everyone has the patience to learn. The exercises in this book, particularly those requiring the use of slow motion, are for those who know patience and its various applications."
                  Aaron Scott (drummer with McCoy Tyner)

Deeper into the Art of Drumming takes a strikingly new and fresh approach to the art of drumming. Carefully designed exercises guarantee efficient practice with rewarding results.

"Robert Kaufman demonstrates once again, with his new book, why he is regarded as one of the most respected teachers of jazz drums." 
                              ~Peter Magadini