Worlds Together

Robert Kaufman, drums; Jerry Bergonzi, saxophone; Bill Pierce, saxophone; Sizão Machado, bass; Lupa Santiago, guitar. 

The Line Between

A set of forward-looking trio music featuring drummer Bob Kaufman, bassist Bruce Gertz, and modern saxophone icon Jerry Bergonzi. Based on Bergonzi's recent explorations into "intervallic" composition and improvisation, this is a must hear disc of originals!

"This disc stands among anything any master jazz player has ever done." 
                                         —Tim Price, Saxophone Journal

Dreaming Out Loud

Drummer Bob Kaufman, bassist Bruce Gertz, and saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi follow up on their amazing debut, "The Line Between," with an equally amazing release entitled "Dreaming Out Loud," a collection of ten originals crafted by three master musicians with an uncanny ability for seamless musical communication with one another. Another "must hear, must have" recording by this fabulous trio! 

"People who are looking for music that is based on discipline and tradition, while at the same time looking forward to the future, will love the stuff. It gives me much hope and inspiration."
                                                      —Charlie Banacos

In the Library

With Dino Govoni, saxophone. This set features adventurous original compositions executed with precision by this ultra-tight quartet. Produced by pianist Henry Hey.